Mykonos’ prestige and plethora of choices makes it the ideal destination for hosting your Event.

We help you plan your Corporate Events on Mykonos

We at WhiteBlue always have the needs of businesses in mind: we know that a business event can be time- and resource-consuming. Also, we know that you want measurable results, whether in terms of sales figures, brand impact, or any of the numerous other indicators we – as business people ourselves – are very familiar with. You can count on us to plan the event, book your preferred venue and take care of all the details.

Don’t forget the celebrities you need – and we can book – to enhance your company’s image. Is your event for an elite few or for a multitude? Mykonos’ prestige and plethora of choices makes it the ideal destination. And WhiteBlue – the unique, home-bred Mykonian team with unlimited access to all that Mykonos has to offer – is the ideal partner.

The island boasts all the infrastructure you may need and is suited for world-class corporate events. From a wide variety of meeting and conference rooms suited for more formal situations to its pristine beaches perfectly suited for a new product launch, Mykonos has it all.

Let us introduce you to the unique features of the island of Mykonos and let us make it your destination of preference for corporate events.

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