WhiteBlue Events Mykonos

We create moments of magic!!!

WhiteBlue Events Mykonos offers first class services in organizing world class events. Our planning of every event on Mykonos is always extraordinary and unique, always leaving you with long-lasting and deeply-gratifying memories.

We at WhiteBlue treat your event as if it were our own. Our goal is for every event not only to satisfy every wish you express, but also to capture your character, your tastes, your deepest desires. Our creative team, composed of diverse and devoted people, attends to each events every detail, including everything below the surface. In other words everything you and your guests see. (An event is like an iceberg – ok, yes, also like an onion!). We want you to feel simultaneously at home and at the extreme of exoticism. In addition to feel nothing of what it takes to achieve that (which is what we delight in).

WhiteBlue Events Mykonos boasts a big network of respected and prestigious business partners on and off Mykonos. Be it sound technicians, fireworks specialists or florists, every aspect of your wedding or other event is covered. Therefore having worked for years together, we can vouch for them, and they for us. And its because of this long-standing cooperation that theres nothing we, WhiteBlue, cant do for your wedding/event – without the hassle of you finding and dealing with other providers.

 Finally, dont forget that above all you and your guests are really our guests. Not only because of our profession, but because all of us at WhiteBlue, we are born and bred on Mykonos. Our memories are Mykonian, our experiences and outlook are Mykonian, our love is Mykonian. And like every Mykonian, were looking forward to welcoming you to the magical, hospitable island of winds.

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