Have a unique VIP party in Mykonos!

Mykonos knows how to party. And what’s better than organizing your party at the party center of Greece? Only having someone else organize it there for you! Whether for 5 or 305 friends, whether private or public, you want the experts by your side.

Our choices? Virtually endless.
✓ Who can book the best DJs, set up the perfect seating plan, make your dinner a taste-bud orgy? The experts: WhiteBlue.
✓ Who can do it with class, make it chic, lavish luxury and fun? The experts: WhiteBlue.

Hundreds of private villas ready to host your events. Internationally acclaimed bartenders and DJs just for you and your guests. Elite, eclectic, even eccentric catering. One experience.

But it’s Mykonos, right? The entire island is one big party: why not join in, anywhere and anyway you want? Being Mykonos addicts ourselves, we’ve explored every party, every secret rendezvous, every great escape on our beloved, bitchin’ island. Just let us take you…

✓ to countless beach parties with vibrant, vibrating crowds…
✓ to party from the early afternoon till late night (or what the world outside Mykonos calls “the early morning hours”)…
✓ to bars, clubs, after-clubs, and venues there are no words in English for…
✓ to chora (the old town), but only after sunset, when it becomes a bustling metropolis, a kaleidoscope of music and sounds, its picture-perfect narrow streets filled with boutiques, bars, babes and everything else your heart can desire…

A party in a bar or club? Your look and clothing? Your chauffeur? Your table? Consider it done.

WhiteBlue’s team, with its vast experience in organizing parties and events, gives you the best choices in every category, whether it’s the food and the drinks or the lights and the music. We give you a 360° planning service.

All we need from you is your guest list. You can rest easy and assured of enjoying your party – we promise it’ll be a day (and night) to remember.

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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties on Mykonos

Is there anything better than having a blast on Mykonos before your big day? Whether you want public venues or the privacy of a luxury villa, WhiteBlue is here for you. With a vast variety of venues and services at our disposal, we’ll get you exactly what you want for your bachelor or bachelorette party.

Another major thing in bachelor’s parties, which we at WhiteBlue take really seriously, is that besides your personal tastes and preferences, we need to also fulfil the wishes of the groomsmen or bridesmaids...

And how is that not possible? From tables in the best clubs of the east Mediterranean, to a tour of the best parties on the island – and they are not few – to your very own boat or helicopter adventure. And, of course, choosing a private villa for either an exclusively wild time or a luxury dinner (which maybe acts as a springboard to a night out on the island of winds) is at least recommended.

Finally, can we forget the professional dancers (and the distinctive dancers of bachelor parties) who serve as the spice of the evening or the professional bartenders who serve the spiced cocktails all evening?

Your bachelor/bachelorette party is your last private party before your big day and we ought to make it worth remembering for a lifetime!