Wedding Events on Mykonos Island

The best suggestions for everything a wedding in Mykonos needs

Wedding in Mykonos ? WhiteBlue can plan all kinds of weddings, including Christian, civil, symbolic, Muslim, Hindu and more. Having Mykonos as a base, and knowing its true, cosmopolitan spirit, we have the best proposals for everything a wedding need. And plenty it doesnt need but could benefit from.

Besides the usual wedding-planning services, we can take care of everything from getting you all to Mykonos, through your every step on the island, to (sadly but truly) getting you back home.

WhiteBlue dedicates a creative team to offering and helping you choose from among a variety of options for your wedding. From the wedding invitations and the layout, to the music, we can assure you that your bespoke wedding will speak for itself. Be it hand-made paper lanterns – the ones you light a fire under and let fly into the starry sky!!! (Its safe, youll be on an island, surrounded by water!!). Be it a full-blown Greek panigiri (like a festival, but more festive). We can make it happen for you.

Our business partners on and around the island are the undeniably the best in their field. With their cooperation, we will make your wedding exquisite. Luxury, boho, traditional, you name it! Its a unique wedding according to your tastes. Its as if you organized it yourself.

Your weddings every detail will be set (and triple-checked) long before the special day. From your wedding website to the dreaded but necessary documentation and related arrangements. Just set even one foot on the island and youll see a perfectly planned wedding unroll like a red carpet before you.

And on the wedding day, leave everything to us. We will see that everything goes as planned. You just have to enjoy your big day!

Get in touch with the experts and live the wedding of your dreams.